Class Leading Performance

Whether you are building HFC backbone, full fibre FTTh, FTTc, PIA Openreach, or high-density MDUs, Radius covers the full spectrum with cost efficient microducting solutions.

Discover our comprehensive range of Underground, Aerial and Indoor systems.

MiniGlide™ microducts range from 6mm to 20mm – for use with Mini-cables

MicroGlide™ microducts range from 3mm to 5mm  – for use with Blown Fibre Units

Our Guarantee
Class Leading Performance

Our microducts are made from high-quality materials and feature our high-performance permanent low-friction lining enabling optimised cable installation lengths.

Integrated Systems

We offer integrated systems where all our components are proven and compatible.

International Certifications

Our microducts are manufactured to the highest international industry standards and have achieved the prestigious SKZ approval.

Featured Products
PIA Microducts

Discover our range of microducts specially designed for use in PIA applications.
Fits within 25mm OD.

Boundary Toby Box

Circle-Arrow-Icon Ideal For Altnets

Fire Retardant Connectors

New range of fire retardant connectors for use in buildings.

Ideal for MDUs and SDUs applications.


Direct Bury Metal Free Assembly

Single Duct

Direct Bury Metal Free Assembly

Direct Bury

Direct Install Microduct

Direct Install

LSZH microduct 24way

Fire Retardant

Aerial Figure-8 Microduct


Connectors & Sealing

Reducing Connector Direct Bury


Direct Bury End Cap

End Caps

Direct Bury End Cap


Security Plate

Gas Block

Fire Retardant Reducing Connector

Fire Retardant

Connectivity & Accessories


Tube Management


Cable Management


Toby Boxes

Small Tube Cutter


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