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Radius CTS offer a comprehensive range of underground infrastructure systems for Street Lighting, Traffic Signals and Motorway Comms including cable protection ducting and access chambers.

Our Twinwall HDPE ducting is BBA HAPAS approved and available is NJUG colours. We offer Solid Wall PE100 in orange and red 107mm as well as smaller diameters service ducts.

This range of duct made specially for motorways and lighting use works perfectly alongside our Access Chamber Range. This includes the Openreach approved QuadBox® and specialist MCX Highways RadBox® as well as the new RadBox2®. The LITEBox® range also offers an economical light duty chamber ideal for street lighting applications.

What's NJUG colour coding?

Circle-Arrow-Icon  Street Lighting & Traffic Signals

Circle-Arrow-Icon  Motorway Comms

Lighting & Traffic Signals

Direct Install Microduct

Twinwall HDPE


Solid Wall PE

Electric Cable Duct Black

Service Duct



Motorway Comms

PE100 Duct Green

Twinwall HDPE

PE100 Duct Green

Highways MCX Chambers

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