HDPE Sub Duct – Trenchless

Low Friction

Radius Trenchless range is a heavy-duty range suitable for installation by Mole Ploughing and Horizontal Directional Drilling where high tensile properties and increased abrasion resistance are required. The heavier construction lies flatter in trenches and is more resistant to localised bending.

Radius sub-ducts are designed for cable blowing & pulling and are made from HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) and feature our class-leading permanent co-extruded low friction HDPE inner lining  for optimised cable installations.

Robust and flexible, Radius sub-ducts offer high performance in complex installations (eg. many bends & gradients).

Our sub-ducts are available with ribbed or smooth inner bore according to your preference and can be supplied pre-roped or pre-cabled.

They are supplied in continuous lengths on single-way drums or multi-way drums to increase ease of installation and minimise cost.

In addition, we offer a comprehensive range of fittings and accessories including bends, connectors, spacers, seals and access chambers.

Features & Benefits

  • Suitable trenchless installation such as Mole Ploughing and HDD
  • Designed for cable blowing & pulling
  • Permanent low friction inner coating as standard
  • Class-leading blowing performance
  • HDPE with excellent stress crack and crush resistance
  • Up to 16bar blowing pressure
  • Excellent chemical & weathering resistance
  • Smooth or ribbed inner wall
  • Pre-roping or pre-cabling option
  • Supplied on single way or multi-way drums up to 4way
  • Supplied on drums typically between 1000m to 5000m length
  • Coils and lengths options
  • Can be customised to meet user requirements
Why Low Friction Matters?


OD/ID (mm) SDR
18 / 12 6
20 / 14 6.7
25 / 17 8
31 / 25 6.3
32 / 20 5.5
32 / 24 8

Other OD/IDs are available, please contact us to discuss your requirements


  • Inner wall: Smooth or Ribbed
  • Stripes
  • Numbering
  • Customer-specific print
  • UV stabilisation
  • Muti-way drums up to 4-way
  • Pre-roping with 8KN rope
  • Pre-cabling with fibre optic or copper cables


Available colours, subject to MOQ.

colours x 12


  • Made to BS EN 61386-24 : 2010


  • Made to BS EN 61386-24 : 2010