DI Assemblies – PIA

A Range of PIA Direct Install Microduct assemblies designed within the PIA 25mm allowance. Often hybrid in design, our PIA assemblies offer maximum flexibility by combining MicroGlide™ and MiniGlide™ microducts for use with Blown Fibre Units and Mini Cables.

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DI Assemblies – Aluminium

These assemblies are designed to be installed directly into an existing duct or sub-duct. They comprise of a number of low friction MiniGlide™ or MicroGlide™ PE microducts surrounded with a 150µ aluminium layer and a light polyethylene sheath. The aluminium layer provides a moisture barrier.

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Direct Install Metal Free Microduct

DI Assemblies – Metal Free

These assemblies are designed for installation directly into a duct or subduct where a non-metallic solution is required, such as an area with a risk of lightning or near power lines.

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DI Single Microduct

Direct Install (DI) microducts MiniGlide™ & MicroGlide™ are designed to be installed inside an existing duct.  Made from high quality prime PE materials, all our microducts feature our proven Low Friction permanent inner coating to deliver class leading blowing performance. Available with ribbed or smooth inner bore according to your preference.

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