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Radius CTS offer integrated underground cable ducting systems for the protection of cables in power networks and renewable energy projects. Our solutions are developed to meet or exceed the requirements of Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) and industry standards and are designed and manufactured around safety, quality and reliability.

We have electrical cable ducting solutions for High Voltage (HV), Medium Voltage (MV) and Low Voltage (LV) applications with cables operating at 11kV, 33kV, 66kV and EHV up to 132kV. Our range covers the complete ENA TS 12-24 spectrum Class 1, Class 1+, Class 2 to Class 3.

Our electrical ducting includes duct and fittings for solid wall PE100, uPVC with sealed and conductive options, twinwall HDPE and service ducts, all of which are available in a range of sizes and SDRs. This is complemented by our Access Chambers, the Openreach approved QuadBox®, our brand new RadBox2® and the RadBox®, ideally suited to telecoms applications.

Radius electric cable duct can be installed by both Direct Bury and No Dig (trenchess) methods such as horizontal directional drilling (HDD). Check out our specialist HDD PE100 Beadless ducting which guarantees smooth internal welding for easy cable pulls.

What's ENA TS 12-24?
  • Power Networks (HV, MV, HV)
  • Grid Connections
  • Renewable Energies : Solar Farms, Wind Farms, Grid Scale Batteries
  • Open Trench, Trenchless, No Dig, Mole ploughing and HDD
Product Areas
  • Main Duct: PVC, Solid Wall PE, HDD
  • Low Friction Sub Duct
  • Service Duct
  • Access Chambers

Working with DNOs, iDNOs and ICPs

Radius Power cable duct protection systems are used and approved by major network operators in the UK and Ireland. We have vast experience in supplying infrastructure for large scale power and renewable projects, working with many high-profile clients.

We actively engage with our customers incl. DNOs, IDNOs, ICPs, consultants, engineers and installers to develop and deliver optimised ducted network systems that are practical to install, high quality and cost-effective.

Ducting HV (High Voltage), MV (Medium Voltage) & LV (Low Voltage)

PE100 Duct Green


Up to Class 1+

Solid Wall PE Beadless Red

PE100 Beadless

Class 1+



Class 1 & 2

Direct Install Microduct

Twinwall HDPE

Class 2 & 3

Electric Cable Duct Black

Electric Service Duct

Class 3

Fittings & Accessories


PE100 Fittings

PVC Bends Short Red

uPVC Fittings

Security Plate

Twinwall Fittings

Cable Protection Tile


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