Toby Boxes

It’s In The Box

Radius CTS offers a range of Toby Boxes designed for strength, flexibility, durability as well as time and cost savings during installation.

Toby Box is designed to provide a sealed environment which is already connected on the network side allowing future connections to be easily made to the customer.



Toby Box² FTTh

A compact sealed underground storage box designed for use at boundary & demarcation points in FTTx networks. 


Toby Box FTTh

A boundary box specially designed for use in FTTh networks and footway applications. Connection points on both the ‘network’ and ‘customer’ side  for use with either 54mm and 63mm ducts or microducts.

Toby Box Carriageway D400

Toby Joint Box Carriageway

For use in carriageway applications with D400 ductile cover and  stackable 150mm deep chamber rings. Connects to the existing network  to allow quick and easy customer connections.

Toby Box Square

Surface Box Ductile

Durable ductile iron Surface Boxes, designed for use in the carriageway and are suitable for telecoms and utility networks where access to below ground networks is required.

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