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Radius offers a range of sectional, modular and structural pre-formed access chambers designed to offer strength, flexibility, durability, and time and cost savings during installation.

Our pre-formed access chambers are the ideal alternative for labour-intensive concrete and brick-built chambers and established and proven in the infrastructure markets.

Suitable for use across the Utilities.

Circle-Arrow-Icon  RadBox®

A versatile and fully modular interlocking panels and corners system

Circle-Arrow-Icon  QuadBox™

A stackable segmental ring system, OPENREACH approved

Circle-Arrow-Icon  LITEbox™

A new cost efficient system for lightweight applications

Circle-Arrow-Icon  Specialist Chambers

Highways MCX Chambers, Link Boxes, Valve Joints, ESB Minipillar

Circle-Arrow-Icon  Furniture & Accessories

Steps, Cable Management, Floors and much more

  • Hand holes
  • Manholes
  • Link Boxes
  • Footway boxes
  • Carriage Way
  • Large access chambers
  • Telecoms
  • Energy
  • Highways Infrastructure
  • Water
  • Rail
  • Defense & Security
  • Ports
Features & Benefits
Strong & Lightweight

Radius’ chambers are made from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) structural foam twin-wall design meaning the sections are lighweight and can be manually lifted without the need for specialist equipment.

The design offers excellent vertical and side wall stiffness, stress-free mouldings and immediate load-bearing with no need for specialist backfill.

Twinwall Design
Flexible Solutions

Access chambers are available in solid ring sections or as part of a system of modular components, offering a large range of chamber clear openings.

In addition, chambers can be adapted on site to suit overbuild over existing networks and to cut duct entries, all with standard tools.

Sustainable & Safe

Our chambers are manufactured from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), up to 70% recycledHDPE is non-polluting and fully recyclable. It is an inert material which does not produce any toxic dust and presents no health risk to operatives or members of the public. 

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40t top load


A modular, high performance, preformed underground access chamber for all types of buried networks and utilities.

Comprising of 150mm and 500mm deep wall panels and corner pieces, which fit together to provide a wide range of clear openings and depths.

40t top load


A segmental, robust preformed underground access chamber for all types of buried networks and utilities.

Comprising of 150mm stackable rings available in 5 sizes.


12.5t top load


A cost efficient small modular box system designed for use in B125 applications, ideal for Street Lighting and Traffic Signal applications.

Comprises of interlocking panels which can be stacked to achieve the required depth.

Specialist Chambers

Discover our range of Motorway MCX chambers, link boxes, ESB MiniPillar chambers and valve joints.

Our chambers can be configured and kitted out to suit your application.

Circle-Arrow-Icon  Highways  MCX

Circle-Arrow-Icon  ESB VC2 Minipillar

Furniture & Accessories

Discover our comprehensive range of accessories for:

  • Cable management
  • Chamber access
  • Duct entries
  • Floors
  • and more

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