Access Chambers

It’s in the Box

Radius offers a range of sectional, modular and structural pre-formed access chambers designed to offer strength, flexibility, durability, and time and cost savings during installation.

Our pre-formed access chambers are the ideal alternative for labour-intensive concrete and brick-built chambers and are established and proven in the infrastructure markets.

Suitable for use across the Utilities. Our brand names include the QuadBox®, the new RadBox2®, RadBox® and LITEbox®.


  • Hand holes
  • Manholes
  • Link Boxes
  • Footway boxes
  • Carriage Way
  • Large access chambers


  • Telecoms
  • Energy
  • Highways Infrastructure
  • Water
  • Rail
  • Defence & Security
  • Ports

Circle-Arrow-Icon Standard Range

Circle-Arrow-Icon Specialist Chambers

Access Chambers



The Original Openreach JMF

Segmental, robust preformed underground access chamber for all types of buried networks and utilities.



RadBox2® is a high performance next generation underground access chamber developed for Altnets and the wider Telecoms market.



A modular, high performance, preformed underground access chamber for all types of buried networks and utilities.



A cost efficient small modular box system designed for use in B125 applications, ideal for Street Lighting and Traffic Signal applications.

RadBox® Step

Furniture & Accessories

Steps, Cable Management, Sealing


Toby Boxes

Boundary boxes specially designed for use in FTTh networks, for footway and carriageway applications

Composite Cover with Badge

Frames & Covers

The comprehensive range includes concrete infill, composite, ductile and recessed and steel covers.

Specialist Chambers

RadBox® MCX

MCX Highways

PE100 Duct Green

ESB Mini Pillar VC2

Quadbox Valve

Valve & Hydrant

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